A warm welcome to our blog on the new WÜSTHOF website!

This first blog entry will give you an idea of what you can expect in future.
In order to provide a better overview, we will start by introducing the categories we’ll be covering. These categories will be broached and handled one by one:

News from the company / from our range
Introducing new products, a look at the classics in our range, information about the various departments at WÜSTHOF, an insight into production processes – this section will tell you all this and more.

200 years of WÜSTHOF
In 2014, WÜSTHOF will be celebrating its 200th anniversary.
We have achieved a great deal over the past two hundred years and as part of our anniversary celebrations, we shall be producing a special commemorative publication with excerpts appearing here on our blog.

Training at WÜSTHOF
Over to our trainees for their side of the story on their training at WÜSTHOF.

Solingen, the “City of Blades”
Our company originated in Solingen and we are proud that our products contribute towards the good reputation of the international Solingen brand as a “City of Blades”. This category will be all about our home city and the “Solingen” trademark.

Upcoming events
Where can our employees meet each other? Where are interesting cookery events taking place? When and where will the next sharpening seminar take place? You can find all these tips and more in our Upcoming Events section – which is even faster and more up to date on our Facebook fan page at www.facebook.com/Wuesthof

Our specialist retailers
In years gone by, WÜSTHOF has regularly been nominated a top partner for the specialist retail trade for household goods. Articles in this category will introduce our specialist retailers and report on special campaigns and events run by these retailers.

Honing & sharpening / lessons in cutting / knife glossary
How can I make sure that my knives retain their sharpness? How can I hold my knife safely? Which knife is suitable for cutting which kind of food? How do I cut properly? These three categories will deal with these and other similar topics.

National culinary teams
Wüsthof supports the German national team of chefs as a gold sponsor. We will also tell you about appearances made by the national team. Team captain Matthias Kleber and team member Jens Woitzik also give their side of the story in a couple of videos on our YouTube channel.

Yum! (Trends in cooking / eating) / Seasonal topics / What shall I chop today?
Some trends and topics are suitable for certain times of year.
What will it be today? Get ready for a surprise!

Books, films & other media
In this category, we shall be introducing “Mouth-watering” films and books to tempt our readers, great cookery books, interesting documentaries and tips on exciting websites.

Press review
If something interesting is being reported in the media about WÜSTHOF, we’ll tell you about it in this section of our blog.

So the first step has been taken and the first blog entry has been written. We look forward to your comments, opinions, suggestions and questions. Write to us about what interests you and we will be happy to discuss the subject.
Just send us an email to: socialmedia@wuesthof.de

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