Are you using the right knife? – Part 9.

Hard and soft cheeses

The last article in our series was about cutting crusts and firm foods; this time we are offering a complete contrast by looking at hard and soft cheeses.

So here are our specialist knives for cutting cheese:

Cheese knife, 7 cm
The Parmesan specialist. The short, sturdy blade will even cut through old and very hard Parmesan cheese without any problem. The knife splits and breaks off the cheese rather than cutting it.
Cheese knife

Cheese knife, 14 cm
Does it get on your nerves when gooey soft cheese sticks to the knife blade? Not with our knives, or rather, not with this cheese knife! Holes in the blade prevent the cheese from sticking to the knife. At the same time, the blade is long enough to be able to cut through the middle of a whole Camembert. So even soft cheese is easy to cut through cleanly.
Cheese knife

Cheese knife, 14 cm
This cheese knife is best suited to cutting hard cheeses. With its practical, two-pronged tip, it is great for picking up and serving cheese slices and cubes.
Cheese knife

Cheese knife, 18 cm
This cheese knife has a special etching that prevents cheese from sticking to the blade. Even particularly thick cheese and whole cheeses are easy to cut through thanks to the bend in the handle.
Cheese knife

Cheese knife, 32 cm
Perfect for cutting Dutch cheese! With its two handles, it is ideal for cutting large wheels of Gouda into manageable pieces and slices. On this knife as well, the special etching prevents the cheese from sticking to the blade.
Cheese knife

Cheese plane
A cheese plane can be used to cut Parmesan or other hard cheeses, or even truffles, into wafer-thin slices. Simply pull it gently and evenly over the cheese.
Tip: Thin slices of cheese should always be served straight away, otherwise they will dry out. And another tip: Many people use the cheese plane to peel cucumbers, carrots, courgettes and other vegetables.
Cheese plane

Cheese cutter
Instead of a blade, the cheese cutter has a wire to cut through the cheese. The WÜSTHOF cheese cutter has two wires at different distances so that you can cut your cheese in two different thicknesses. The forked tip is great for picking up and serving the slices. The cheese cutter is best for cutting medium-hard cheeses.
Cheese cutter

Our series of articles will continue with the following topics:
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Filleting meat and poultry, and preparing fruit
Sticky, gooey foods
Exotic knives for special applications

Here you can find all the previous articles in this series:
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Crusts and firm foods

Please feel free to send in your questions and suggestions for other topics!
After all, you have to ask a question to be sure to get the answer you need.
So, with this in mind, happy cutting and cooking!

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