Sharp Fresh Colourful – our new kitchen knives!

Today, we would like to introduce you to the biggest new thing for 2015: Our new range of kitchen knives.
No doubt a few people will be wondering how these colourful kitchen knives have become the new big thing for WÜSTHOF? After all, they are “only” little knives with colourful handles, which you can already find in the shops. So what?

Well, no actually.

These knives make up a completely new product and production line for us and last year we built a new factory in Solingen, featuring the latest production technology, especially for the new range.

Never before has this kind of “Made in Germany / Solingen” knife been available from WÜSTHOF at such attractive prices! These knives are taking us to a new dimension and will appeal to new target groups – keen young cooks, students and families in particular will love our super-trendy kitchen knife collection and will certainly be happy to “pick up” a knife on impulse in specialist stores.
The blades of these knives are made from special stainless blade steel. The manageable handles are dynamically-shaped with an ergonomic and functional design. Of course, our new kitchen knives are dishwasher-safe and are ideal for long-term, everyday use in the kitchen.

In short: All of our 200 years of expertise and our knowledge about producing knives go into these impressive little kitchen knives – and they are available at a price that until now has never been possible for original WÜSTHOF knives.

Have a look in specialist stores over the next few weeks, where you will hardly be able to miss our smart display stands for our new individual knives and sets.

sharp fresh colourful - the new kitchen knives by WÜSTHOFThe new kitchen knives by WÜSTHOF: A peeling knife, two different trimming knives, a universal knife and a pizza and steak knife – in four trendy handle colours (black, bright orange, signal red and apple green), available as single knife or in 2pc or 3pc sets.

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