Seven generations – one company / Chapter 1.

The Timeline

In this section, we would like to provide you with a detailed overview of the previous seven generations of the Wüsthof family. Over the past 200 years, the WÜSTHOF company has developed from a small grinding mill into a modern international company. The firm is still family-owned and all knives are manufactured at two production sites in Solingen, Germany with 300 employees and worldwide distribution to over 80 countries.

Today, we are starting off with this timeline; later, a click on the different generations will take you straight to the next chapter.

First generation
Johann Wilhelm Wüsthof (1760–1829)

Second generation
Johann Abraham Wüsthof (1779–1839)

Third generation
Eduard Wüsthof (1817–1876)

Fourth generation
Eduard Wüsthof (1856–1936)
Robert Wüsthof (1858–1914)

Fifth generation
Robert Wüsthof (1887–1964)
Artur Wüsthof (1890–1967)
Bruno Wüsthof (1892–1944)
Hugo Eduard Wüsthof (1894–1985)
Erich Wüsthof (1897–1937)

Sixth generation
Eduard Robert Wüsthof (1918–1975)
Wolfgang Wüsthof (1935)

Seventh generation
Harald Wüsthof (1967)
Viola Wüsthof (1982)

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