The right way to store and care for your knives

“What’s the best way to look after my knives and how should I store them safely?”
“Can I put my cook’s knives in the dishwasher or will that ruin them?”

We are often asked this type of question. And so of course we have some answers ready for you, helping you to ensure that your WÜSTHOF knives stay in perfect condition:

The right way to clean knives: High-quality knives do not belong in the dishwasher! Here you can find our care tips and learn more about why WÜSTHOF knives should not be put in the dishwasher.

The right way to store knives: Knife block, magnetic holder or drawer insert – we have already devoted a small series of articles to the various knife storage options shown in the video..

The right way to hone and sharpen knives: If your knife blade has just lost some of its sharpness, you should use a honing steel. If the blade is completely blunt, the original sharpness of your knife can be restored using a sharpening steel or stone. Here you can see an overview of our full range of sharpening and honing products. And here are our videos on how to use a honing or sharpening steel and how to restore the sharpness of your knives using a whetstone. If you’d rather read all about it, on our website you will also find some written tips.

The right cutting base: This topic is now covered in its very own blog entry!

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