The right scissors for every cut – part 2.

Scissors for household tasks

Now that we have already looked at scissors for kitchen work in this little series of articles, today we are going to look at other household tasks where scissors come in handy. After all, just like with knives, there are also the right specialist scissors for a wide variety of tasks.

Household scissors
Whether you want to cut herbs, flowers, paper, cardboard or fabric – household scissors are an indispensable helper. Our household scissors come in three different sizes – and thanks to the ergonomically shaped handles (known as eyes in the trade), all of them fit perfectly in the hand. The stainless steel cutting blades can be sharpened, which means the scissors will be a long-term companion in any household.
Household scissors 5324

Fabric scissors
The name speaks for itself here – fabric scissors are the specialist when it comes to cutting various types of fabric. This is what they’re designed for and the scissor blades are perfect for this task.
Fabric scissors 5334

Embroidery scissors
If you need to make precise cuts of fabrics, cords and embroidery threads – particularly when it comes to unpicking stitches, cutting through threads or cutting out appliqués – you need a pair of pointed embroidery scissors. Ideally, one with ergonomically shaped handles that ensure the scissors almost feel like they are part of your hand. In short: you will not want to be without scissors like these in your sewing box!
Embroidery scissors 5318

Tailor’s scissors
A good pair of tailor’s scissors should fit nicely in the hand, allowing you to guide them easily and safely as you work. They should also be able to cut through fabric as if it were butter. Whether you are cutting light, flowing fabrics – such as silk or viscose – or thicker fabrics – like denim or strong material such as thin leather or felt – a good pair of tailor’s scissors makes cutting fun!
Tailor’s scissors 5408

To round off our scissors articles, next time we shall be turning our attention to
Manicure scissors

Apart from that: please feel free to send in your questions and suggestions for other topics!
After all, you have to ask a question to be sure to get the answer you need.
So, with this in mind, happy cutting and cooking!

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