The right scissors for every cut – part 1.

Scissors for work in the kitchen

Until now, we have been covering various knives in our series of articles, but today we shall be taking a look at another kind of cutting implement: scissors. As for the knives, there are also various models of scissors to cover a wide variety of tasks. Too many to cover in just one article, which is why today we shall start by focussing on scissors that can be used in the kitchen:

Kitchen scissors 5553 and 5550
Kitchen scissors are an absolute must-have in any kitchen. You can use a good pair of kitchen scissors to cut through practically anything: paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, string, fabric, aluminium foil or cling film and other packaging used in the kitchen, as well as of course herbs, rosemary sprigs, rhubarb, flowers etc.
Kitchen scissors 5553
Our robust and forged kitchen scissors 5550 also feature a bottle opener for opening bottles with crown caps and a screw cap opener. The two narrow extensions at the end of the handles can also be used to open vacuum lids. Super practical! Of course these high-quality scissors are also stainless.
Kitchen scissors 5550

Poultry shears 5512
A good, robust pair of poultry shears is ideal for preparing chicken, duck, goose etc. One of the two blades has a slight serration, which prevents the blades from slipping. The bulge on this cutting edge makes it easy to chop through poultry bones. The stable handles make it easier to put power into the cut. Our poultry shears 5512 also have a hinge pin, allowing the scissors to be taken apart in just one simple movement, making them easy to clean.
Poultry shears 5512

Kitchen scissors 5564
How to deal with fish! Our kitchen scissors 5564 are ideal for cutting up fish, cutting through fins, removing scales and cutting through fish bones. 
The forged stainless steel scissors are particularly tough. The sharpness of the scissor blades does not diminish even with heavy use and the micro interlocking system prevents the food from slipping when cutting. This turns fast and precise work into child’s play. Thanks to their ergonomically shaped handles, the scissors fit nicely in the hand and are also ideally suited to people with larger hands.
Kitchen scissors 5564

Lobster shears 5870
An essential tool for gourmets and lovers of shellfish and crustaceans. With the lobster shears, you can disjoint hard carcasses and crack the claws of lobsters and crabs etc. quickly and professionally. These shears are also stainless and easy to clean.
Lobster shears 5870

Masticator 5590
The name of the masticator comes from the verb to “masticate” or “chew”. They were originally developed to finely chop small amounts of meat when it was not worth using a mincer. But any other kind of food can also be cut up ready to eat using a masticator. It is a very helpful tool, particularly for people who have difficulty chewing and swallowing: it can be used to cut crunchy cutlets, chips, pizza, sandwiches etc. very quickly into precise and tiny pieces. Unlike when using a mixer, the original taste of the individual components is preserved.
Masticator 5590

In the next article, we shall be turning our attention to
Scissors for household tasks

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Apart from that: please feel free to send in your questions and suggestions for other topics!
After all, you have to ask a question to be sure to get the answer you need.
So, with this in mind, happy cutting and cooking!

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