The right knife for every cut – part 13.

Exotic knives for special applications

Today we shall be turning our attention to our knives with unusual blade shapes and special applications. These “specialist knives” obviously will not be found in every kitchen – but are perfectly suited to specific tasks.

Super Glider cook’s knife 4563/20 cm
A knife with 8 holes and a scraper rail? What could that be useful for?
This knife is ideal for cutting vegetables, which would otherwise stick to the blade. Whether you are chopping potatoes, courgettes, peppers or tomatoes, the Super Glider will cut through all of them cleanly and effortlessly. The scraper rail and holes ensure that nothing sticks to the blade. And you will find that you can cut fine slices much more quickly.
Super Glider

Decorating knife, 17 cm
Whilst we’re on the subject of vegetables – those who want to prepare and present their vegetables decoratively will want to use our decorating knife. The crinkled serrated edge runs along the entire length of the blade and cuts beautiful slices of courgette, cucumber etc. in no time at all. The decorating knife is also great for cutting elegant portions of butter. Simply practical!
Decorating knife

Bread knife with offset handle, 20 cm
The elevated handle of this knife provides more room between your hand and the cutting base or the food you are cutting. Whether you are cutting bread, tray bakes, tarts, sandwiches or pizza – the soft wave serrated edge ensures a clean cut without ripping the food. The offset handle will guarantee that your hands stay clean. Thanks to its wide blade, this knife is also great for serving the food afterwards.
Bread knife with offset handle

Baker’s knife
From bread knife to baker’s knife – what’s the difference? This one can cut on both sides! This knife is (almost) one of a kind: other than our cake knife, it is the only double-edged knife in our range! On one side, the cutting edge is smooth, whilst the other edge has a fine serration. This makes our baker’s knife ideal for cutting your fanciest cakes, as well as tray bakes. The serrated edge will also get a firm hold on the hardest of bread crusts and will cut through cleanly and securely. A talented all-rounder for keen bakers.
Baker's knife

Chai Dao
The high and particularly wide blade of the Chai Dao makes it ideal for precise cutting, slicing and dicing. For many Asian dishes, all the ingredients typically need to be cut into equal bite-sized chunks. The Chai Dao is just the right knife for this kind of preparation! The slightly curved blade makes it nice and easy to dice onions, garlic etc. These can then be transferred straight into the frying pan or saucepan using the large surface of the blade. The wide and sharp edge allows you to make a safe and clean cut.
Chai Dao

Extra heavy cook’s knife 4586/36 cm
This kitchen heavyweight is one for the guys. After all, this extra large and heavy cook’s knife with an extra-wide blade and a weight of 780 grams needs a bit of muscle power. You will soon be able to “break” particularly large foods with this knife.  Using the sturdy blade spine (Note: not the cutting edge!), you can even cut through small bones and crack open shellfish. Classic pizza chefs are also huge fans of this knife: each pizza can be cut into 6 pieces in an instant – and with perfect results!
Extra heavy cook's knife

Bone splitter 4690/26 cm
Do you want to deal with chops or cut up small bones to make stock?
Don’t break the blade of your cook’s knife – grab a bone splitter, which has been designed especially for the task! The large, strong and rigid blade and 5 mm wide, reinforced spine give this knife enough stability to cut through bones. This is a task that could damage the finely sharpened blades of other knives.
Bone splitter

In the next two articles, we shall be turning our attention to our scissors – as there is the right kind of scissors for each task as well.
Scissors for work in the kitchen
Scissors for household tasks

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Apart from that: please feel free to send in your questions and suggestions for other topics!
After all, you have to ask a question to be sure to get the answer you need.
So, with this in mind, happy cutting and cooking!

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