Our new poultry shears – the perfect helper for carving

Breast or thigh? That’s the question that always comes up when carving poultry. To ensure problem-free carving, we now have some new poultry shears in our range, which are excellent for carving up chicken, turkey, duck or goose.

As you will already know from reading our “The right scissors for every cut” series of articles, poultry shears are important helpers when it comes to cutting up poultry. Whether you want to cut through bigger bones, remove the skin from the goose or carve the roast when it’s done, these scissors will do the job perfectly. Even hidden corners can be reached with the slightly curved, sharp stainless steel blades. The blade’s delicate serration firmly holds the food to be cut so that nothing can slip away. The groove in the lower blade is there to help you cut through smaller bones with a simple cut. 
Ergonomically shaped handles ensure a secure grip. A spring in the poultry shears distributes the power of your hand evenly so that you can achieve precise cuts.

So when will be the next time you set the oven to full blast? ;-)

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