Mouth-watering films! – Our update

Films that make your mouth water – who doesn’t know some?
After all, for many of us they are a source of inspiration that we are happy to watch again and again (“Hmm, that looks amazing! I definitely want to cook that myself sometime!”) – but sometimes also a source of frustration (“Blast! Now I’m hungry again!“) … ;-)

This blog was just a couple of weeks old when we started building up a list of “mouth-watering” films in which the subject of cooking takes on particular importance. Over time, we have been able to extend this list by a few classic films, documentaries and new arrivals. It’s now twice as long – time for an update. We would be delighted to hear your suggestions for films we haven’t yet listed via the comments function.

Feature films:
• American Cuisine
• An – Sweet Red Bean Paste
• Babette’s Feast
• Mostly Martha
• Big Night
• Like Water for Chocolate
• Bon Appétit
• The Wing or Thigh?
• Chocolat
• The Secret of the Grain
• Mid-August Lunch
• Der Koch
• The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover
• Romantics Anonymous
• Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?
• A Chef in Love
• Eat Drink Man Woman
• Eat Pray Love
• Eden
• Simply Irresistible
• No Reservations
• Fried Green Tomatoes
• Au petit Marguery
• I am Love
• Burnt
• Waitress
• Julie & Julia
• Kiss the Cook
• Le Chef
• The Princess and the Frog (animated film)
• The Lunchbox
• The Hundred-Foot Journey
• Mystic Pizza
• Perfect Sense
• Ratatouille (animated film)
• No reservation
• Rossini
• The Restaurant
• Soul Kitchen
• Sushi in Suhl
• Tafelspitz
• Tampopo
• Toast
• Tortilla Soup
• Christmas with the Kranks
• A Touch of Spice

Documentary films:
• Canned Dreams
• The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World
• El Bulli: Cooking in Progress
• Entre les Bras
• Food, Inc.
• Sergio Herman, Fucking Perfect
• Jiro Dreams of Sushi
• Kings of Pastry
• Spinning Plates
• Steak (R)evolution
• We Feed the World

Photos: Picture detail from Soul Kitchen by Fatih Akin, by permission of Pandora Film GmbH

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