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A warm welcome to WÜSTHOF supporters and followers. We will be using this blog to write about anything at WÜSTHOF that moves us and that we believe you will be interested in. We already gave you an overview of the topics in our first article. Our brand-new WÜSTHOF blog thrives on participation, so please send […]

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WÜSTHOF and the German Chefs Association (VKD)

The Association of German Chefs known as the Verband der Köche Deutschlands e.V. (or VKD for short) brings together chefs and trainees from all areas of the catering industry. With 12,000 members, it is one of the largest professional associations in Germany, as well as the biggest national association of chefs in Europe. Split into […]

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How can I keep my WÜSTHOF knives sharp for ever?

“How can I keep my WÜSTHOF knives sharp for ever? And what is actually the right way to sharpen my knives?” Not surprisingly, we get asked these questions a lot. It is natural that knives should lose their original sharpness over time and with normal use, and need to be sharpened again. We are therefore […]

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