Man meets machine – a picture tour of the Dreizackwerk factory – 6.

Perfect sharpness!

We’re continuing with our series of interesting impressions from production in our Dreizackwerk factory. At our sixth station, we get down to the most important business of all:
sharpening the knife blades!

Our knives are given their exceptional sharpness thanks to the PEtec process we developed in-house and thanks to the sharp eyes and steady hands of our experienced knife grinders.

The knives then move on to final cleaning and final inspection.
Here, each individual knife is subjected to an extremely close inspection by our employees. If a knife does not fulfil our strict quality standards, it is not made available for sale. With some ranges, such as the Classic range, the red trident logo is applied to the handle during labelling.

From the final inspection, the knives then go to the packaging department and into the warehouse. This is where our products stay until they are ordered by our specialist retailers – the journey made by the steel, from the untreated piece of steel to the forged knife, has now drawn to a close.

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