Man meets machine – a picture tour of the Dreizackwerk factory – 5. 

Keeping a grip!

We’re continuing with our series of interesting impressions from production in our Dreizackwerk factory. Today we are moving on from prefabrication in Lindgesfeld to the original factory on Kronprinzenstraße.
This is where the final production processes take place. The knives are etched, the handles are attached and processed and the blades are given their final edge.

In the etching area, each knife is given the relevant etching by hand. This provides proof of the knife’s origin and includes, as well as our logo and place of origin (Made in Germany/Solingen), the product number and name of the range.

The knife then goes on to handle assembly. Depending on the knife range, this either takes place manually or is semi or fully automated. Whilst the wooden handles for the IKON range are still lovingly attached by hand to the knife blank because of the natural materials, this process is fully automated for our knives with plastic handles. Robots do the work for us here.

Once the handles have been attached to the blank, in the next robot production line all the metal parts on and around the handle undergo coarse and fine grinding and are then polished smooth. At the end of these numerous individual work processes, which are fully automated and networked, the transitions between the metal of the blank and the handle materials are no longer noticeable.
The knives now feel pleasant and comfortable to hold. There is no trace of any corners or edges – just pure perfection.

In the next report, you will learn about how our knives get their perfectly sharp edge.

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