Man meets machine – a picture tour of the Dreizackwerk factory – 4. 

Everything under control! Quality through precision.

We’re continuing with our series of interesting impressions from production in our Dreizackwerk factory. Today we’ll be giving you an insight into the materials warehouse, the grinding plant and intermediate inspection.

Nothing would happen in production without our extensive store of materials. The warehouse is where we store replacement parts, tools and our grinding stones. Due to the wide variety of different blade shapes, various grinding stones are used in production. The stones in our grinding machines often need to be switched during operation – as each knife has its own specific grinding stone.

In the grinding plant, the blades are sharpened on both sides to a taper and then polished. The polishing compresses the blade surface. This process not only improves the look of the blades, it also gives them better protection against corrosion. In this particularly important department, our employees often take random samples for testing during the ongoing production process. This allows the precision of the grinding machines to be readjusted at any time. In this way, we can ensure a consistently high level of quality for our knife blades.

Before the knives move on to intermediate inspection after the grinding process, they pass through our cleaning facility where any tiny dust particles are removed and they are polished to perfection using ultrasound and cleaning fluids.

During the subsequent quality control process, each individual knife is checked by the eagle eyes of our employees. Only knives with immaculate cutting edges and perfectly polished blade surfaces are allowed to continue on their way through our factory.

At the moment, in terms of location, we are still in Factory 2 in Lindgesfeld – prefabrication. Next time we’ll be moving on to a new location at our original factory on Kronprinzenstraße. This is where the final production processes take place.

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