Man meets machine – a picture tour of the Dreizackwerk factory – 3. 

Things are getting hot – cutting, forging and hardening.

We’re continuing with our series of impressions from production in our Dreizackwerk factory. Today we are in the coiling unit, forging works and hardening shop.

In the coiling unit, the steel plates are cut to the right lengths so that they are perfect for forging. During precision forging, the metal is heated until it is red hot and pushed together (compressed) in the place where the knife bolster will be. After that, the red hot part is precision forged. The shape of the bolster is now clearly recognisable. The knife shape is then punched (cut) out of the plate. Then the forged knife blanks go on to the hardening shop. Here, the knives first of all pass through an oven heated to 1,050 degrees, then through a cooling zone before once again passing through a tempering oven heated to 180 degrees. This process ensures our knives are hardened to 58° Rockwell.

The job positions in this part of the factory have evolved constantly over the years and the sweat-inducing and strenuous work that was once carried out by human forgers is now done by machines. These positions have been replaced by machine technicians, without whom production would draw to a standstill.

Next time, our impressions from knife production will continue to the grinding plant and quality control.

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