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A warm welcome to WÜSTHOF supporters and followers. We will be using this blog to write about anything at WÜSTHOF that moves us and that we believe you will be interested in. We already gave you an overview of the topics in our first article. Our brand-new WÜSTHOF blog thrives on participation, so please send us any suggestions, questions, tips, praise, criticism – we’re hoping to encourage lively discussions and exchanges of opinions!
You can either use the comments field at the end of the articles or send an email to socialmedia@wuesthof.de

Editors of the WÜSTHOF blog:

Viola Wüsthof – Yes, this blog is actually the boss’s responsibility. ;-)
Alongside her cousin, Harald, Viola Wüsthof as managing director represents the seventh generation of the Wüsthof family in the company. Since 2011, she has been responsible, among other things, for product management at Dreizackwerk.

Arne Schulenberg – is co-owner of the Solingen-based advertising agency Schulenberg & Werbung, which has been promoting the WÜSTHOF image since 1996. As social media manager, he has also been looking after WÜSTHOF’s social media presence since 2013.

Guest bloggers – (perhaps you’re interested?)

Guest contributions
We would be delighted if any readers of our blog who are interested in publishing a guest contribution got in touch with us.
Guest contributions must be related to WÜSTHOF and our blog topics. As a rule, we decline any link exchange offers, even in the form of guest contributions, so please refrain from contacting us regarding this matter.

A couple of rules regarding comments
We are very pleased to receive your comments and to read any discussions on the WÜSTHOF blog – as long as they are professional and fair. All comments are checked before publication and only approved if they do not infringe any of the following points:

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If a comment infringes one of the above-mentioned points, it will be deleted or not approved in the first place. These rules also apply to the use of user names. Violations of these guidelines will not be tolerated: We reserve the right to edit, relocate or delete contributions or comments or where necessary to block the comment function.

We will not make any data available to third parties without your approval.
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Liability disclaimer
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