Seven generations – one company / Chapter 5.

The fifth generation Throughout the year, in this section we are going to present you with an overview of the previous seven generations of the Wüsthof family who have worked for the company. This time, we are going to take a look at the fifth generation. In 1914, as a result of the early retirement […]

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Where do I keep my knives? Part 1. Knife blocks

Last week, we had already mentioned it in our article about proper knife care: Proper storage is an important aspect if you want to keep your knives in top condition for as long as possible. Over a period of time, this series of articles will present to you the various ways of storage. There are […]

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How can I keep my WÜSTHOF knives sharp for ever?

“How can I keep my WÜSTHOF knives sharp for ever? And what is actually the right way to sharpen my knives?” Not surprisingly, we get asked these questions a lot. It is natural that knives should lose their original sharpness over time and with normal use, and need to be sharpened again. We are therefore […]

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